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Danae Sacha Felicia Johnson

This young sista hails from Mandeville, Jamaica, West Indies, but now calls Baldwin, Long Island home. The baby girl of her family, she looks forward to the graduation of her two older bro's, Duane and Damian, from Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. Currently she is kept busy by a number of organizations including the Black Student Alliance (BSA), NAACP, and the Students of the Caribbean Association (SOCA). Her hobbies include talking on the telephone, listening to music, getting stupid wit' da girls, talking on the telephone, missing her family (especially her baby cousins, they grow up so quickly), oh, and talking on the telephone. Shout-outs: L-Boogie--I know you wanna be like me, but come on now... Mackdaddy Mooncake--"Don't wanna be a playa no more"--yeah, right... Deaconess--Keep preachin' and hand-clappin' (look!!! there go some buffalo wings!!!) Country Mama's Boy--you know who you are--much love baby boy. Mo-Mo--I miss you baby, and no, all Jamaicans do not smoke weed Sngl-Nupe--I told you that you were my favorite... :) Nessa-girl--Girrrrlllll...we gotta talk La-KiKi--Guess who I saw today...

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