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The Fugees' Fave Links

Clayton Reynolds
Ghetto D's favorite Kappa's home page
Delta Phi Omega web page
The web page of our favorite sorors
Duke's online registration service
Duke University
#1 Blue Devils, baby!!!
MSBET Homepage
Check out the latest in black music and news
Everything Black
The name says it all
Howard University
Da' bomb HBCU!!!
Morehouse College
Home of da' finest black men
Got to keep up with the latest in b'ball!!
Travis Gayles' web page
Our favorite, uh, engineering major
Black Student Alliance (BSA)

Refugee Camp Mission Statement

Welcome to the web page of the Refugee Camp, Duke University Chapter. This group was founded in November of 1997 by three sisters in order to facilitate discussion pertinent to all the peoples of the African diaspora, share knowledge about various aspects of our cultures and histories, as well as to provide an atmosphere where both intellectual pursuits and "good old-fashioned fun" are invited.


Take a closer look at the Fugees
Fugee Fotos
Stylin' Sistas
The Fugees
Visit the music group's website
Funky Fugee Sounds
Check out our favorite grooves

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